What is an NVQ Diploma?2021-07-21T16:14:19+01:00

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) were practical work-based awards in England, Wales and Northern Ireland that are achieved through assessment and training.

In 2015 this regulatory framework was withdrawn and replaced with the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and so NVQ’s are no longer the official name for such qualifications, however, the term “NVQ” may still be used in RQF qualifications if they “are based on recognised occupational standards, work-based and/or simulated work-based assessment and where they confer occupational competence” therefore much confusion exists and many of the RQF qualifications of today are still known as NVQ’s and have NVQ Diploma or NVQ Certificate in the qualification title.

We hope that this information has helped but if it hasn’t then don’t worry because our team will ensure that you have all the correct advice prior to signing up onto our qualifications.

How am I assessed?2021-07-21T16:16:22+01:00

On signing up to an Up-Skilled Qualification, you will be assigned to an industry experienced Assessor who will be your main point of contact and support throughout the qualification.

Together you will form the assessment plans and set targets for completing the various activities that are required in order to complete the Qualification.

On Site Observations

Your assessment will be based upon the activity that you carry out within your job role and will take place at your workplace and at a time convenient to yourself. Evidence will be gathered by taking pictures, video or by carrying out professional discussion based around the Qualification criteria.

Knowledge Tasks

Questions and answers form part of the Qualification process and this element of the Qualification can be fulfilled via an online e-portfolio, on paper or within a professional discussion as agreed with your Assessor.

Once all criteria have been fulfilled, the course is complete and verified, the diploma is awarded. There is no final examination for diploma/ NVQ’s.

Do I need an NVQ to get a CSCS Card?2021-07-21T16:14:52+01:00

In order to be eligible for a Green Labourers CSCS Card you need to complete the Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment and pass the CSCS test.

For other CSCS cards, the applicant must hold a nationally recognised construction related qualification AND have passed the correct level of CSCS Health and Safety test.

NVQ Diplomas are a very popular choice as they can be completed without the need to take any time off work and the observations are done at the work site which makes life easier for the candidate.

You can also access the temporary (Red) CSCS Card immediately upon registering upon your chosen qualification which will give you access to the site for two years to allow you time to complete the qualification. Once completed, you can then apply for the full 5 year CSCS Card.

Now that you understand this, you can see why NVQ’s are all the rage. That said, you don’t actually have to have the NVQ to access a CSCS card. Degree’s, HNC/ HND’s, Apprenticeships and other various qualifications are accepted as proof of competency by CSCS providing that the qualification is Construction related.

To check if you are already eligible for a CSCS Card then follow this link and use the CSCS Card Finder. Select “search by qualification”, type in your qualification and see if your qualification appears.

CSCS does not deliver courses or qualifications, that is why Up-Skilled is here to help!

Which CSCS test do I need to take?2021-07-21T16:27:01+01:00

The main types of NVQ Qualification are stated here:

NVQ/ Diploma CSCS Test CSCS Card
Level 1 – Health & Safety Awareness Operative Green CSCS Card
Level 2 – Any construction Skilled Worker Operative Blue CSCS Card
Level 3 – Advanced Craft Worker Operative Gold CSCS Card
Level 3 – Supervisor/ Ganger/ Team Leader Supervisor/ Manager Gold CSCS Card
Level 4 – Site Supervisor/ Foreman Supervisor/ Manager Gold CSCS Card
Level 6 & 7 – Site Manager/ Senior Manager Supervisor/ Manager Black CSCS Card


If you need to check a different type of qualification then you can find out more information on the CSCS Card Finder.

If you need help with this or don’t have the time then do not fear, you can simply use our CSCS booking service!

How much does the CSCS Test and Card cost?2021-07-22T11:32:12+01:00

The CSCS Test costs £22 and can be taken at any local test centre if you book it direct which you can do by creating an account here.

The CSCS Card application costs £36 and can be applied for by creating an account here.

That said, many people prefer to make life easier and use our CSCS booking service which makes the whole process hassle and stress free.

Don’t forget that we can also include the CSCS Test and CSCS Card when you sign up for most Up-Skilled Qualifications!

Help, I don’t know which qualification I need!2021-07-21T17:51:09+01:00

We understand that the whole process and the regular changes within the industry make it difficult to stay informed but don’t worry, just contact us and our friendly and helpful team will help by giving you the help and advice that you need for your specific situation.

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