On signing up to an Up-Skilled Qualification, you will be assigned to an industry experienced Assessor who will be your main point of contact and support throughout the qualification.

Together you will form the assessment plans and set targets for completing the various activities that are required in order to complete the Qualification.

On Site Observations

Your assessment will be based upon the activity that you carry out within your job role and will take place at your workplace and at a time convenient to yourself. Evidence will be gathered by taking pictures, video or by carrying out professional discussion based around the Qualification criteria.

Knowledge Tasks

Questions and answers form part of the Qualification process and this element of the Qualification can be fulfilled via an online e-portfolio, on paper or within a professional discussion as agreed with your Assessor.

Once all criteria have been fulfilled, the course is complete and verified, the diploma is awarded. There is no final examination for diploma/ NVQ’s.